Kiara’s Top 10 Favorite Beach Wedding Decor


I am currently in the process of moving to Galveston island, so I’ve been crazy about all things beach lately! I’ve been wanting to get into destination weddings for a while now, and let’s face it – destination weddings to Dallas are not very popular! (I’ve also always wanted to live near the ocean, so there’s that too.) Given my obsession with all things seashells and sand lately, I thought it was a good idea to post about it! Here are my top ten favorite beach inspired decorations for beach weddings via Pinterest, although most (if not all) of them can be used for other events as well! Click on the pictures to go to the source.

1f2b798d94d808a4207daf89ae5a5bc2Some raffia, ribbon and a starfish make up this pretty but simple aisle accent.

96d15c8dd55d3420326536de9b5facb8This beautiful bridal bouquet incorporates seashells. Dig for seashells from the beach you’re getting married on to add a personal touch!

6a1d1a11220e482ce5a58f5629458a51A round glass jar or vase, some sand, seashells and a decorative candle make a great table centerpiece – especially if the sand and shells come from the beach you got married on!

1f541150617103dc88bcd0895788bfceString seashells on twine, then attach to tables, chairs, overhands, walls or wind them around columns/posts. You can even add starfish, sand dollars and small pieces of driftwood!

8dd63d5eb5dbc26c5ed76f8df4762727Put a starfish in your hair! Just attach to a barrette. You can also and some twine with seashells and sand dollars hanging down from the starfish.

d6c21e738bb1b8bcb6f18f5c89d45f36This gorgeous champagne glasses – covered in pearls, seashells and starfish – are perfect for the bride and groom!

cfd1ee1403ced027b2c1361b53c6a21bThis Save the Date gets across all the needed information to guests: the couples names, the date of their wedding, and what kind of wedding they will be having!

e1a2d6e4b7ac7751d242ee01f0725d66Add sea coral to your decor for more of that beach atmosphere.

99738a2e81c4e3e85cc3ff41c4dc5ea0Turn sand dollars into escort cards, place cards or even wedding favors!

ce3928fea908e839178a41b0f6abab65Last but not least, the wedding cake! Use brown sugar for sand. Add real or fondant seashells, coral, sand dollars and starfish!


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