Christmas Lights as Event Decor

Today is the first of December, which means Christmas is just around the corner! One of my favorite Christmas decorations are the lights. Whether you call them Christmas lights, twinkle lights or fairy lights, using them to decorate a space can add warmth and additional light. Another thing I love about them is whether your event is outdoor or indoor, it doesn’t have to be a Christmas theme to use them! Use them for a summer bbq, or a fairy birthday party. There are all kinds of different ways to use them; wrap them around columns or tree trunks, spread them over bushes, make a tent top out of lights, hang them along a wall or on the edges of tables. And that’s just the start! There really is no limit besides that of your imagination. Use LED lights for more consistent lighting; LED lights also do not get as hot as regular Christmas tree lights. Add glass and mirrors to help reflect the light.

wedding-lights-ceiling-lights-large-1wedding-lighting-pink wedding-ceiling-lighting wedding_light_canopy-6033 twinkle-lights-in-barn-wedding outdoor-tent-wedding-reception-lights-colorado.5 lights Indonesia-Outdoor-Reception-1 christmas_wedding beach-fairy-lights-wedding accessories_awesome_christmas_wedding_lighting_decorations_christmas_wedding_decorations_ 12-wedding-night_smwedding-light-options hanging-light-bulbs glass-pendant-lightingBarn-led-canopy-slide-panel-no-4



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